Why do you need a reliable and long-lasting dog harness?

Dog Harness

When walking your canine companion, you need to keep tabs on the safety of both animal and people around. Relying on pet’s obedience is a severe mistake: a dog can get distracted by squirrels, cats, other dogs, or bikers and run away without listening to your commands. The only way to gain control is by using a dog harness.

With this accessory, you can make sure that your pet won’t run away or attack people. The best dog harness is essential for any puppy owner – this device should be used from the early days of the pet’s life for walking your pet.

But before you rush to the nearest pet shop, read these dog harness reviews. We have described the best models sold online.

Number one no pull dog harness: JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness. Best Reflective No Pull Harness with handle and Two Leash Attachments

How to combine convenience with safety? Try JUXZH – the best no pull dog harness with lightweight reflective textile and two spots for leash fixation. The model is available in different sizes (would be great for middle-sized and large dogs), and has a high tensile strength. Users praise it for comfortable, ergonomic construction. Also you can take Dog Hoodie with leash hook and feel free. More about Best Dog Hoodies 2019

Key features include:

  • Reflective nylon webbing that boosts the strength of the model and makes pet visible during nighttime.
  • Lightweight padding in belly and chest that prevents injuries.
  • Sturdy handle on the top of the dog harness (facilitates carrying).
  • Two attachment places for a leash (on the back and the chest).

Thanks to portable buckle design, this no pull dog harness is easy to put on and off. Agreeable price and long-lasting materials make this dog harness vest a perfect choice. Please, note that a leash isn’t included.

Dog harness for the car: EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Harness

Keep traveling with your furry friend often? Consider buying a dog car harness. You can’t control your pet’s behavior while driving: trust this work to the best dog harness for car traveling. How does it differ from other models? It features special attachments for the seat belt, so your dog can’t leave its place. Such a device can be a cheaper alternative to dog crates.

The model from EzyDog has been thoroughly tested, and the manufacturer proudly confirms that it complies with several strictest standards and regulations.  It is made of durable materials and provides an exceptional level of comfort for your canine friend.

Let’s observe the salient features of the model:

  • Simple attachment to the seat belt (it is fed via the webbing handles on the top of the hardness).
  • You need to adjust the model once – Mag-Lok Instant Fit closure system will keep the form. Putting the device on and off is a matter of a few seconds.
  • This car harness for dogs is produced on high-quality materials. The attachment accessories are made of aluminum alloy. The webbing is made with the help of the Crosslink Technology, which makes the model last.
  • Chest zone is padded and contoured to make up for a comfortable fit.

The dog harness vest comes in three sizes for small, medium, and small pets. Although it’s quite expensive, the quality of design and materials justify its cost.

The best budget model: Sporn Dog Harness – No pull and No choke humane Design

How to make a walk with your big canine companion more convenient without spending too much money on a leash. Consider the large dog harness from Sporn: it is made of durable materials and features everything you need, nothing you don’t. This premium-quality model is suitable for huge animals, and its ergonomic design makes it the best dog harness to stop pulling.

Other key features include:

  • Water-proof nylon material is sure to last several years. It stretches easily and doesn’t restrict pet’s motions.  Besides, thanks to extending fibers, this harness for dogs fits perfectly and is removed without problems.
  • 8-inch length, suitable to be worn on 16-inch to 24-inch neck, can serve to walk pets of 60-100 lbs.
  • Ergonomic design prevents pulling – the pressure is applied on the pet’s chest, so it doesn’t choke.

Therefore, Sporn’s model is a convenient and non-expensive option for walking and training.

The best small dog harness: The Original EcoBark Control Dog Harness 4-65 lbs

When it comes to small models, no pull harness for dogs is required to be convenient (strength of the material is of less importance). This is where the EcoBark harnesses come in handy. They are designed to that to make puppies feel comfortable and do not restraint their movements.

What makes it highly recommendable?

  • This model is made of eco-friendly materials (recycled water bottles) that won’t irritate pet’s skin. Non-toxic and lightweight polyester vest has soft pads for ultra comfort.
  • No-choking design makes it ideal for walking and training, as well as the car traveling.
  • EcoBark Control is available in three sizes, and the small device is perfect for the tiniest breeds.
  • The adjustable belt is equipped with an anchor hook, and also has Emergency Release Clasps for better protection.

All that makes such a model the best dog harness for walking, playing, hiking, and many other activities. Alternatively, if you need a small dog harness, you can try Top Paw dog harness – it is also quite popular among pet owners.

The best dog harness for pulling: FrontPet Explorer Dog Pulling Harness with Included Dog Pulling Leash

This sturdy and durable dog harness for pulling is made of reinforced materials and will be perfect for the whole gamut of activities. It ensures a convenient fit with a tight grip and allows you to harness the furry friend of any size. FrontPet is available in one size – it is easily adjustable (the chest straps can be extended from 29 to 39 inches) and customizable for middle-sized and large pets.

Key features of this dog pulling harness are the following:

  • Ultimate convenience is reached thanks to soft padding on the chest and fleece textile. The extra weight and density improve control and prevent shifting of the device.
  • The model has 3 D-rings for pulling and is equipped with a durable pulling handle.
  • Ergonomic, well-thought design distributes pressure equally during use – your pet won’t be choking or feeling inconvenient.
  • Emergency pull tab allows releasing the harness in emergency cases.

This dog harness with a handle would be ideal for training and walking, as well as traveling in a car. The FrontPet team has designed a versatile model that doesn’t cost much and suits the vast majority of medium and large dogs.

How to select the best harness for dogs?

There’s a wide range of criteria that should be taken into account when searching for suitable products:

  1. First, you need to choose the type of device. Front-clip harnesses are ideal for training and walking, but back-clip models are easier to get used to, and a better variant as a dog car harness.
  2. Decide on the material. If you live in a wet climate, nylon models would be a better solution – they dry up quicker. Alternatively, choose a water-resistant option.  In dry weather, both leather and nylon models would be equally great. A light padding makes a pet feel more comfortable and decreases pressure and rubbing.
  3. If you walk your dog during nighttime, consider a device with reflective stripes for better visibility.
  4. Overall looks and design shouldn’t be number one priority: select what fits your pooch best and ensures exceptional control. A model should feature ergonomic, thought through design for unbeatable convenience.
  5. Make sure that the size and length of a harness are suitable for the dog of your breed. Oversized models increase the risk of slipping, while too tight vest can make up for difficulty breathing and choking.

Most frequently asked questions

Let’s answer the questions every dog owner has when choosing the best dog harnesses.

How to define the size of the harness for dogs?
To find out how big the dog harnesses should be, take a measuring tape and don’t’ forget to find the weight of your dog. Measure the widest part of chest and neck of your furry friend. These measurements will help you to find a suitable model. Alternatively, you can take your dog to a pet shop. You will need someone to help you take the measurements. You can also visit a vet to do this job for you.
What should a chew proof dog harness be made of?
If your pet keeps chewing on a harness, select a model that’s fixed on chest tightly – it shouldn’t be a least that’s easy sliding. A leather model isn’t an option – it will be worn out too quickly. Instead, prefer reinforced nylon (some models are made of polyester with metal fibers). Check out whether a model is ‘heavy-duty’ – this is a primary indicator of a long-lasting harness.
Which length of the leash is the most optimal?
It depends on what you'll use it for. Walking leashes should be the longest ones: they can extend up to 5-7 meters if it’s convenient for both user and dog. Small dogs are okay with 3-4 m leashes. A dog training harness may go without a leash at all – it just features a pulling handle on the top. Car dog harnesses usually have a short leash 50 cm long – it’s just needed to fix the dog on your backseat. Aggressive dogs are better to be held on short leashes 2-3 meters long. Ask for advice in a pet shop – they should come up with valuable recommendations.
How much does a normal harness cost?
It depends on the materials of the model, its design, and even brand. The simplest models are sold for around $10, while devices with sophisticated and stylish design and top-notch materials can cost a few times more.
Are eco-friendly harnesses made of leather only?
If you're worried about the possibility of allergic reactions, the only thing you should avoid is artificial leather. As for genuine leather and nylon, they don't cause itching or swelling. Some eco-friendly models are produced of recycled plastic bottles – that seems to be an excellent solution for dog owners concerned about the nature and the health of their furry companions.
How do I know that my dog is comfortable/discomfortable with the new harness?
When you have bought the new harness, put it on your pet and check its behavior: does it try to escape? Is there itching in the area of chest, neck, or armpits? If it rubs, you might notice slight reddening and swelling of the skin. Make sure that you have adjusted the model ideally and it doesn’t tighten any parts of pet’s body.

With these recommendations, you’ll be able to find a perfect for your pet. A correctly chosen harness gives you a piece of mind: you know that your pet feels good, and at the same time doesn’t pose any threat to the people and pets around.

The Internet is overflowing with the pet stores and offers: making an informed solution can be quite challenging. But with your recommendations in mind, you’ll be able to figure out the best option for your furry friend. The reviews of the best models that we’ve compiled are based on users’ preferences: we have described the most popular items from particular categories. If you need additional pieces of advice or guidelines, don’t hesitate to consult with pet shop assistants, and visit specific forums where pet owners share their experience and opinion.

First and foremost, pay attention to how your dog feels in its new harness: if it seems happy, you have made everything right.


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