How to Pick the Best Fish Tank: Top 5 in the Market

Fish Tank

If you consider yourself a good fishkeeper, you must remember that being an aquarist requires you to have a perfect fish tank. There is nothing better than spending time watching pet fishes swim calmly in a wall fish tank with artificial plants and carefully arranged rocks. Fishkeeping is an expensive hobby to have. Purchasing even small fish tanks and equipping them with much-needed accessories can hurt even the deepest pocket.

We decided to give you a good look at several good products that you can get online. There are several essential aspects we are focusing on. When evaluating a fish tank we consider prices, additional gear, volume, and other factors.

Our Top Choice for Betta Fish Tanks: Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Fish Tank with Pedestal Base

This product stands out thanks to its great looks and great design. A solid pedestal allows it to firmly stand on any surface while seamlessly harmonizing with any interior. The design is quite minimalistic. A cube of thick glass mounted on a heavy-duty pedestal looks fantastic. You will find bright led lights on top of the aquarium. Lighting makes the insides look cool.

The price is quite low. You can get this product for a nice price for a nice 3 gallon fish tank with external led light bulbs and a massive pedestal. Tetra created a truly memorable product that was purchased by thousands of fish keepers. The size of this fish tank is more than enough for accommodating smaller tropical fishes.

You can make an excellent betta fish tank with filter sets, more lighting, and any artificial landscape. Such a versatile solution is an excellent gift for any fish owner. Buy it if you consider yourself a responsible aquarist. The construction features glass and fiber as well as acrylic plastic. The frame is very robust. It is certainly a great purchase if you are looking for superior quality.

Key Features:

  • Top led lights put your favorite aquatic animals in the spotlight;
  • The lid has a special feeding whole that allows you to feed fishes easily;
  • This is a self cleaning fish tank with a specialized patented Tetra 3i filters;
  • The model works well for smaller goldfish and betta.


The Best Cheap Fish Tanks: Tetra LED Half Moon Beta Fish Tank

If you are on a tight budget but want to have a nice compact aquarium on your desk, this option is the thing to awe at. While the price is low, the quality of the product is still superb. The construction of this small fish tank is light yet sturdy thanks to reinforced materials used in the design. A special lid with a led lighting installed provides good illumination and allows you to see your pets clearly.

The plastic used is very light and less dense than some other materials. This makes the whole thing much lighter compared to many other models of a fish tank featured in the market. This 1 gallon fish tank is a fantastic addition to any interior and sits nicely on any surface. You can even put it on a countertop if you need your fish with you when you cook.

Amongst all cool fish tanks, these betta fish tanks stand out due to efficient lighting, compact size, and very light body. There are no special additional equipment coming together with the bowl. Make sure to buy a fish tank bubbler and a filter. When choosing from cheaper fish tanks, pay close attention to this product from Tetra.

Special features:

  • A plastic frame and glass;
  • Lots of customization options;
  • Led lighting in the lid.


An Original Idea: Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

This is a beta fish tank that allows you to accommodate three fishes each in a single bowl. The construction is not that robust. Despite good design, it does not look or feel that sturdy. The water falling system is a unique way to cycle water. Additional filtering systems and separated containers allow you to make a cool three-section aquarium without using an artificial fish tank divider.

The price of the kit is quite good depending on whether a discount is available. From time to time, you can get this kit for a fair price on Amazon. There is also another important thing to notice about the price. It is much higher for a roughly 3-gallon aquarium.

Aqueon Betta Falls Kit is one of better betta fish tanks in the market. The visual design is stunning. It stands out even in a very crowded interior with lots of other decorative and functional elements dragging attention to themselves. Buy this product if you want to create a special place for your fishes and highlight their beauty. Three fishtanks for a price of two? This sounds like a good deal.


  • The water regularly cycles and cascades;
  • You can control the water flow easily;
  • This is a self cleaning fish tank with a Quiet-Flow filter;
  • It has three separate bowls.


Professionals Choose: Deep Blue Acrylic Professional ADB11001 Standard Aquarium Tank

This is an option for experienced fish keepers who want to make sure that their pets live in a comfortable, spacious environment. You can equip it with add-ons like a divider, filters, and many other cool things. The volume of the model is slightly bigger than a standard 2 gallon fish tank, but it works well for a couple of inhabitants.

If you are looking for a compact aquarium that can accommodate two fishes and lesser neighbors for them, this is a good choice. The heavy duty frame makes this small fish tank sturdy and stable when placed on any surface. This is a great variant that can be upgraded with add-ons and décor. Due to its robust construction and heaviness, the product looks really solid in any interior. It adds a lot of uniqueness to any room.

The price tag is also loyal for an average aquarium. This product can be a gateway choice for those who want to get into fish keeping. It is an all-around solid model that works for beginners and professionals.

Key Features:

  • A very robust frame;
  • Spacious, efficient 2.5-gallon water container;
  • The glass is very thick but does not distort the image.


If You Have a Deep Pocket: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Peninsula 20 Gallon AIO (All-in-one)

This model is perfect for people with larger budgets who can afford to spend a little extra on their hobbies. Marine Nuvo Fusion costs a price that seems like a very high price. However, it comes with a special filter, bubbler, water cycling system, lighting, and feeding holes. The design is simple yet effective. It looks nice in any room.I

The most significant advantage of this model is its size. For a price over three hundred bucks, you receive a fully equipped starter kit. 20 gallons of water is enough to accommodate several fishes. To top it all off, it can be one of those awesome fish tanks decorated with lots of rocks, sunken ships, corals, and more. If you feel like creating something awesome, choose this model.

Yes, this is an expensive solution for fish keepers. However, it is not for dedicated professionals either. It is an excellent transitional aquarium. It works for people who want to improve their skills of fish keeping. Move on from a aquarium to a much bigger one that comes with all necessary gear!


  • The AIO principle means all in one;
  • 20-gallon water bowl;
  • Made of innovative materials.


Why Should You Get into Fish Keeping?

Having one of those cool fish tanks at home is a dream for many of us. Pets come in all shapes and colors. Do you remember the pet stone? Fishes are different from many other animals. They calmly swim through the water and create a relaxing view for their owners. It is an enjoyable hobby that requires owners to be responsible and show some dedication.

Aquariums are great additions to the interior of any room. It makes any place look better. Equipped with artificial lighting, decorations, and bright fishes, they tend to create some airiness inside your home. To top it all off, true enthusiasts enjoy learning more about aquatic creatures in general. Get an amateur fish tank and try it at your house. See if you like this hobby.

Fish keeping is an activity that provides relaxation. The only real hassle is cleaning. Even self-cleaning variants of aquariums have to be cleaned manually from time to time. Fishtanks should be emptied, washed, and rinsed with a lot of clean water. This should be done at least once a month. Weekly maintenance is usually advised.

Features to Consider

Any modern aquarium can be equipped with various add-ons including filters, bubblers, dividers, and other cool stuff. Make sure to buy a product that can accommodate such gear. There are several important features to consider:

Materials. While reinforced plastic frames are perfectly suitable for smaller designs, do not buy a big fish tank with a light frame. The bowl itself should be thick. Distortion free glass is a good choice. Read about used materials carefully and choose wisely.

Size. The volume of the water container is quite essential. A 1-gallon tank can accommodate one fish without neighbors. However, if you want to have more fishes, consider buying a bigger tank. Usually, a betta fish tank accommodates a fish per gallon.

Add-ons. All-in-one models are good. However, you may select features that come with the product. Do you need led lighting? Do you need an option with a filter? Do you need a lid? All these additional gear adds to the final price and may not suit your requirements.

The price. If you are a beginner, choose a cheaper variant. Costly big aquariums are for experienced fish keepers who know how many fishes they want. To cut down expenses, search for options with fewer add-ons and buy them separately. You can find cheap filters and bubblers.

About Fish Keeping

There are three types of environments for fishes. Each will be perfect for specific livestock.

Here they are:

  • Freshwater. Clean unsalted water works well for guppies and goldfish. The vast majority of beginners start with freshwater aquariums. If you want a koi in your house, get some clean water.
  • Marine. Obviously, marine livestock costs more. You will need to maintain high salinity, specific temperature, and take better care of the tank. There are cooler and warmer conditions. It depends mostly on the type of livestock.
  • Brackish. Lower salinity is a particular condition for pufferfish and scats. You will need a bigger tank to accommodate most of the creatures who prefer to live in brackish waters.

There are also some nuances that should be noted. The solute and the chemical consistency of water must be continuously maintained. Nitrogen cycling (controlled by water cycling and air enrichment) also plays a significant role in keeping livestock happy. Nitrates are added to food and excess is removed via water cycling.

The capacity of the tank determines how many fishes can live there. The volume of available water defines how much oxygen can be used by fishes. A crowded container with several bubbles is also an option. However, fishes won’t feel comfortable. The size of pets is a major factor. Big fish consumes more oxygen and require more space to move around.

Predators may require slightly more space. They tend to make lots of sharp, quick movements. Feeding them through a standard whole can be troublesome. Usually, you remove the lid, throw in some cuts of meat, and close the lid. Since predators cannot co-exist with smaller fish, use a divider. This way, you can accommodate multiple different breeds in a single tank.

The last thing is that you should not jump straight into the action. Consult with pros or knowledgeable friends before committing. Fish keeping is quite expensive for beginners. Do not overspend on a hobby that might not suit your desires.


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