Gentle Leader: Have No Worries About Keeping Your Dog Under Control

Gentle Leader

A gentle leader is a must-have for any dog owner. Ever if your four-legged friend is calm and obedient enough, it pays to obtain such a tool. First, your pet will always stay under control, independently of where you go – just for a walk or to a vet. Second, you won’t have to worry about the creature, especially in a busy city traffic, with lots of vehicles, bikes, other animals of all types, and, naturally, unknown people. Your beloved dog will never get lost – and it’s really great for those who take care of their animals. And third, when you use a gentle leader collar, no one will tell you that you’re an inattentive guardian. More about dog collars read in Best Gps Dog Collars and Trackers. For a modern person, it’s essential to see that all the creatures around are under proper surveillance. Especially dogs.

Thus, it’s a great idea to purchase such a thing – for your calmness and the hound’s safety. Let us remind you that a gentle leader is a special type of leash, which is wrapped around a canine’s neb and the back of his head. As distinguished from other kinds of leads, it has two points of contact with the animal’s head, which guarantees a higher level of control for hounds of all breeds and sizes. You may have troubles silencing your excited animal companion with traditional collars and choke chains, but a high-quality gentle leader headcollar will minimize these issues, as you’ll easily direct the pet wherever he must go. In this material, we’ll tell you about the best models of these tools, including budget ones.

TOP Pick

An unquestioned leader here that seems to be the most comfortable, reliable, and safe is PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar. This producer has been on the American market since 1991, offering a wide range of top-grade products for keeping domestic animals. PetSafe behavior, confinement, and lifestyle items have earned the confidence of customers from all over the world. As for the dog gentle leader of this brand, it guarantees stress-free walks with critters of all ages and breeds. This lead easily stops excessive pulling, lunging, skipping, and barking. It provides split second, strong, but gentle control over your four-legged fellow traveler. As emphasized in gentle leader reviews, the model is accompanied with adjustable nylon straps and a padded nose loop made from neoprene. All this makes the tool not only safe but also comfortable for your fosterling. The set includes a DVD-guide with the detailed instructions concerning the way one should walk his or her animal companion in a busy city traffic. The specialists behind this gentle leader for dogs are always ready to answer any clients’ questions – just send your e-mail and they’ll help you in the best way possible. It’s a great advantage for this product, too, because many guardians have certain issues with their family lovers, but have no one to seek assistance from.

Runner Up

The honorable second place has been given to Premier-Pet-Products Gentle Leader with the system of quick release. The product is offered in several elegant colors, including blue, red, and white. It can be worn up to 18 hours a day, providing clients and their fosterlings enough time for everyday walks, visits to a vet, and many other meaningful things. The gentle leader headcollars of this brand don’t choke a beast, as the pressure is distributed equally between the back and the front parts of his neck. The muzzle of the hound isn’t tightened up too seriously so that he could eat, drink, and bark without any discomfort. At the same time, this model of harness ensures the total control over the canine companion: you’ll easily stop it, should it whop because of fright or excitement. This gentle leader for dogs can be used with puppies from eight weeks of age. It’s suitable for experienced owners, who know how to implement such tools and have no troubles walking their favorites in different circumstances. This species of a belt is a bit cheaper than a PetSafe one; you can buy it on Amazon.

Best Budget Pick

Most gentle leader reviews discuss not only expensive but also well-priced items. And we agree that the most noteworthy variant in this section is the one offered by NOBER. This harness is perfect for training doggies to heel. It ensures stress-free and calm promenades irrespective of the weather and surroundings. NOBER gentle leader for dogs prevents extreme leash pulling, lunging, jumping, and other unwanted actions. It works immediately and steadily, yet being gentle enough not to hurt the beast. Accompanied with adjustable nylon straps, this tool will surely create a custom fit for your companion. It’s made from soft, strong, and durable fabric that will stand all possible negative factors, such as rain, low temperatures or heat. The producer of this gentle leader collar emphasizes that it’s absolutely painless for both puppies and grown-up pets, no matter whether they are energetic or quiet. Besides, they note that the product should not be chewed. Try not to leave your Bailey or Bella unattended with this fixture, as he or she can seriously gnaw it and run away being off-hand. If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, this NOBER product will be true to your salt for years.

Best Gentle Leader for Large Dogs

The owners of little doggies may have no problems with their promenades at all. But what about those, whose domestic favorites are, for instance, Neapolitan mastiffs or Newfoundlands? They surely have to look for a stronger and safer rein, because such a giant will easily tear up a thin one. As mentioned in many gentle leader reviews, the people with Saint Bernards and Great Danes prefer the tool from EzyDog. It is an adjustable custom fit harness, offered in several sizes, including very big ones. This specimen is designed to restrain and administrate such massive pet fellows, as Scottish deerhounds. Equipped with a simple one-click fit system, this gentle leader shows a user if he has put it on correctly, and vice versa. As the manufacturer says, this EzyDog stuff is as simple to use as a collar and as functional as a harness. The chest sleeves are made from neoprene with pads so that your shaggy companion could be as comfortable as possible. A high-visibility reflective line stitched throughout the gentle leader collar increases its nighttime visibility, making even late strolls absolutely safe for both people and their fluffy fellows. For easy and hassle-free putting on and taking off, the specimen is provided with a quick-clip buckle option. All the textile parts of this are absolutely waterproof and durable.

Who Should Buy a Gentle Leader for Dogs

As we have already mentioned, this type of rein lets guardians keep better control over their tousled friends, which is very significant in today’s busy cities. With such a lead, you’ll easily stop the beast if he runs to the carriageway, barks at passers-by or other hounds, as well as gets frightened of whatever he sees. The thought-over system of fixation distributes tension between the back and the front parts of the creature’s neck, as well as his muzzle so that he had no discomfort while running near the owner. This is why gentle leader headcollars   are righteously considered to be more reliable and strong, yet supportive for your Bella or Charlie. As a rule, they are produced of drip-proof, durable materials with light-reflecting stitching and user-friendly clasps, which makes them even more attractive for purchasers.

Important Features to Consider

Selecting a gentle leader for your Lucy or Max, try to pay special attention to the following aspects of this stuff:

Size. Actually, it’s the first thing you should look at. The model you’ll obtain must fit your Setter in the best way possible. Make sure the stripes do not pressure-force his nose and throat. Otherwise, he won’t be able to eat, drink, or maybe even breathe. At the same time, your dog gentle leader must not be loose, as it won’t be able to hold on the creature tight enough and you take the risk of losing the pet at the worst possible time. Do your best to find the so-called ‘golden middle’ – the most comfortable for your doggie, but tight enough to keep him under your surveillance.

Material. Selecting a comfortable and durable gentle leader for dogs, avoid too soft and too coarse fabrics that will either tear or graze the neck of your beloved animal until it bleeds. Try to find the specimen made from long-living waterproof synthetic material with a high safety margin. It’s a great idea to get a gentle leader for dogs with soft pads that make everyday strolls even more pleasant. These pads reduce the pressure on the hound’s mouth and throat without lowering the level of its safety. In other words, such a belt guarantees a proper, yet soft fixation of the canine in any circumstances.

Color. It’s the question of your taste: you can select a bright pink, orange or grass-green gentle leader, or prefer something more tranquil and dark. In any case, it’s you who will look at this rein from day to day, so try to meet your own preferences.

Additional features. Retroreflective stitches and appliqués, safety fasteners and straps, trinkets, and nameplates – gentle leader reviews note a wide range of such small, but useful supplements that make the process of airing as pleasant as never before. Select them based on your personal needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a gentle leader work?
Its scheme of operation is quite simple: the nose loop is fastened around the canine’s muzzle; it acts as a signal to the dog that the owner is a leader here. The neck belt forms pressure on the hind quarter of the neck, creating in such a way a reflexive response in cases when a Basset or a Coonhound tries to draw forwards. Feeling this enforcement, he’ll instinctively walk backwards, trying to make his throat free. This is the way the gentle leader for dogs puts an end to drawing on the harness, as the creature will remember forever how unpleasant it is to sense the squeeze on his cervix. Comparing these models with standard collars, we see that the latter form stress on the animal’s throat. A gentle leader, in its turn, will never choke your Spaniel or Terrier.
What size does my canine need?
As mentioned in popular gentle leader reviews, you should take your domestic lover to a local vet and ask the specialist to try several models on, so that you could see, which of them is best for certain Cocker Spaniel or Barbet. The veterinarian will show you how a fitting all-rounder looks like.
Can there be a long cut off after the neck strap of the gentle leader headcollar has been adjusted?
Yes, there can be quite an impressive overhang depending on the beast’s age, size, and breed. With fully grown American Bulldogs and Goldendoodles, for example, all the extra cloth can be cut off. With puppies, it’s recommended to leave the nylon untouched – later, when the Goldador or Collie grows up, you may have no cut off here at all. If you decide to shorten the cervix strap of your gentle leader for dogs, do not forget to sear it, so that the synthetic fabric doesn’t loosen.


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