GPS Dog Collar: How It Works and How To Choose The Right One

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Dogs are faithful pets and it is no wonder that their owners are eager to make sure that their pet is safe. A good dog tracker is invaluable in such cases. Luckily, there are no problems with the availability of various GPS dog collars. However, you will definitely want to make the right choice and consider the best ideas as your pet’s security might be at stake. Here, we would explain the way the GPS dog trackers work and their types. Also, we will mention some features you need to consider.


A GPS dog collar is important when it comes to your dog’s safety. It differs in terms of the way your pet is tracked. A vast variety of the dog trackers available today can be divided into three main types. These are a health GPS dog collar, dog tracker to only detect location, and a GPS dog tracker with radio frequency. Let’s examine some key quality characteristics of each type.

Best wireless dog fence products come with collars that use different levels of electric shocks to provide dog containment. A low-end wireless fence has only one correction level. In some cases, you will be able to gradually reduce the shock intensity and substitute it for sound-only warning that will be sufficient for a trained dog.

Health GPS Dog Collar This tracker is especially helpful for those who tend to train with their dogs regularly. Besides, along with the location, the tracker will give you the data about the heart rate of the pet. The health GPS dog collar is synchronized with the mobile app and requires Wi-Fi for the connection. Note that this option cannot be called inexpensive.

Dog Tracker to Detect Location Only A dog tracker aimed at detection of the location is a good option for those pet owners who spend a lot of time on the go or in nature together with their pets. Keep in mind that some models may also have a specific SOS option – with its help, you receive an emergency message in case if something happens. Such GPS dog collars are easy to use, quite affordable, and ensure the pet’s safety.

GPS Dog Tracker With Radio Frequency If safety is something that you value the most — GPS dog trackers with radio frequency is what you’d be looking for, for sure. Often, the hunters or owners of some rare breeds lean toward such trackers. Why? It is simple: the radio frequency of this dog tracker is so dominant that it can easily break through the wall. Besides, it helps to detect long distances and does this precisely.

How It Works

The principle of tracking collars is simple and thus easy to understand. The dog trackers are synchronized with the mobile phone or PC of the owner via GPS through the global satellite. Any dog owner should pay attention to the following: simple GPS collars are better for small areas. On the other hand, the ones that use radio frequency work excellent at considerable distances.

How To Choose the Best Dog GPS Trackers?

Now that you decided to buy a GPS dog collar, you are eager to know which one will become a worthy purchase. So, define your expectations first. Consider the types available to narrow the number of options. Think about some features that are critical for your dog’s lifestyle, size, and habits. Surf the Internet to find some feedbacks and reviews. If you take your dog for hiking or hunting, the choice is obvious — a dog tracker with radio frequency. If, for instance, your pet had some surgery or is on medication — a health GPS tracker suits perfectly. Finally, if there are no specific circumstances and you want to make sure that your pet is safe — choose any GPS collar that detects the dog’s location.

Important Features to Consider

Any GPS dog tracker has one major feature — detection of the pet’s location. What about some other distinguishing features? Searching for the best collar, you’ll face a variety of extra options. For example, some GPS dog collars also have an activity tracker, LED lights, or cameras, for instance. Note that the majority of the health GPS trackers can be attached to the collar that you already have. Also, the collars with the radio frequency can be rather massive. So, pick them in accordance with the dog’s size. Finally, pay attention to the battery’s capacity. That way it won’t be necessary to charge the device too often. These are some features that the pet owners should always consider before making a choice.

Final Thoughts

Today, anyone can easily buy a GPS dog tracking collar. Naturally, it is a useful invention that ensures the dog’s safety. Nonetheless, when it comes to making a decision, you may find it rather hard to pick one item out of the hundreds of offers. Therefore, following our guide simply highlight some critical features that will work for your dog and you, consider the type, and you’ll understand which GPS dog tracker to choose.


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