The Best Cat Litter Box: a Clean House and a Happy Cat

Cat Litter Box

Cats are exceptionally cleanly and picky animals, but their bathroom habits vary. It is crucial to choose the right litter box, which fully meets your kitty’s needs and prevents a mess in the house. Numerous pet shops offer litter boxes for any taste and budget, and when it comes to buying, you don’t know where to look first. We’ve conducted comprehensive research to find out what types of litter pans for cats exist and how to choose the best one. It was not easy due to a real overchoice – we had to compare several dozens of boxes in different categories. We studied hundreds of customer reviews and expert opinions, compared Amazon’s top sellers and new offers. The result of our study is a list of five best cat litter box models that are loved by felines and help their owners to keep the home clean.

Our Top Pick: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Though the top-entry construction can seem a sort of unconventional, experience of a lot of feline owners proves cats love it. While being surprisingly affordable, this top entry litter box has many advantages. It serves not just as a cat litter box, but as a special secret place where a feline can feel relaxed and hidden from people’s eyes. It is important since cats need some privacy when they have a bathroom break. It is large, so even cats of bigger breeds, such as Maine Coons feel comfortable in it. Due to its enclosed design, it prevents littering and helps to keep your home clean. The lead of the litter box features small holes that remove the remaining litter from the paws when a kitty gets out of it. Finally, IRIS top entry litter box comes with a nice scoop and has a sleek design that will fit easily into the interior of your home.

Key features:

  • It is easy to clean due to the rounded design.
  • For cats of all breeds and sizes.
  • A closed construction – ideal for shy pets and those who need more privacy.
  • Prevents messing – all the litter remains inside the bin.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic.


The Runner-Up: Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Another inexpensive best-selling kitty litter box – Catit Jumbo – is a universal cabin with a well-thought design. It has a large hook for easy and comfortable cleaning. This extra large cat litter box provides enough privacy, as it has an enclosed construction, but the entrance is made from the front, not on the top. According to reviews of over 6 thousand satisfied customers, cats love this litter pan and quickly get used to it. The cat litter box is easy to assemble and clean. The important thing is that your home is clean too, as the enclosed construction effectively prevents litter scattering. Finally, one more reason to opt for the Catit Jumbo is its proprietary carbon filters. They quickly absorb and neutralize odors. The filters are removable and are sold separately on Amazon. Being an extra large litter box, Catit Jumbo can even act as a cabin for multiple cats.

Key features:

  • Smart design for a fast assembling and easy cleaning.
  • Extra-Large size for bigger breeds and multiple pets.
  • An enclosed construction – prevents litter scattering.
  • A wide door opening – comfortable for large-sized kitties.
  • Removable carbon filters eliminate unpleasant odors.


The Best Budget Choice: Petmate Hi-Back Litter Pan

Petmate has once again proved that cheap is not a synonym of bad. After all, a litter box for cats is not the type of things you want to spend a fortune on. Petmate Hi-Back is a basic high sided litter box made of sturdy plastic. It comes in different colors and sizes so that you can find the right option for a cat of any size. The walls of the pan are high enough to prevent spaying, but not too high for cats to jump in and out effortlessly. Needless to say, the pan is easy to clean or wash, and a special Microban agent stops bacteria growth and undesired odors. Cats love this comfortable and large litter box and quickly get accustomed to it.

Key features:

  • An entry-level option for cats of all sizes and breeds.
  • Can be used as a litter box for dogs of smaller breeds.
  • Has an anti-bacterial effect, prevents odor.
  • Made of sturdy non-toxic plastic.
  • Most cats positively accept it.


The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box: PetSafe ScoopFree

If you want to get rid of the chore of daily scooping, try ScoopFree cat litter box from PetSafe. It is more expensive than conventional pans, but those who’ve tried it say it costs the money. It is very easy to use. First, fill a special tray with blue crystal litter (sold separately) and load the tray. In some weeks take the used tray and throw it away (it is 100% disposable). After that, repeat the procedure. The mechanism is the following: special built-in sensors detect when a can uses a litter box (urinates or defecates). It takes 20 minutes for the liquid to get absorbed, and then the used waste is automatically raked into an isolated container. As soon as the tray is full, you just replace it. The crystal litter absorbs fluids faster than conventional waste, plus it eliminates the odor. The result is a clean house and no troubles with a regular litter box cabinet cleaning.

Key features:

  • An auto-cleaning enclosed litter box that doesn’t need washing, scooping, or litter removing.
  • 100% disposable trays are easy to replace.
  • One tray lasts several weeks – just plug it in and forget.
  • Blue crystal litter perfectly absorbs liquids and odors.


The Best Covered Litter Box: Omega Paw Roll’N Clean

Our rating includes more than one covered litter box, which is not surprising, as this is one of the hottest trends in the industry. The fact is that a litter box enclosure provides additional privacy that most cats strive for and effectively prevents litter scattering and odor distribution. Omega Paw Roll’N Clean is a great example of a litter box enclosure. This covered litter box features an inner grill, which helps to separate clean and used litter and save some money, like any sifting litter box. Due to its modern rounded shape, this large cat litter box is easy to clean and wash. It is liked by cats and their owners for its convenience, enclosed construction, and nice design that fits in any interior.

Key features:

  • A sifting litter box that helps to separate clean and clumped litter.
  • It has an enclosed construction, which provides more privacy for cats.
  • Comes in two sizes for different cat breeds.
  • Due to its smart rolling construction, you can avoid scooping, as clumped litter is automatically collected in the tray.


The Best Hidden Litter Box: ecoFlex Litter Loo

Those to pay particular attention to the interior design of their house or apartments can try a hidden cat litter box that will mask the real toilet place. A hidden litter box looks like a piece of furniture and even can be used as a small occasional table. Thus, looking at ecoFlex Litter Loo, nobody will ever guess that there is a hidden litter box inside it. The box is made of recyclable plastic & wood; it is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb odors. Just put a usual litter pan inside and show your kitty the way in and out. Your feline will love its secret place, and the interior design of your home won’t be spoiled by an unaesthetic plastic pan.

Key features:

  • A hidden litter box furniture can act as a small table and a WC for cats simultaneously.
  • Non-toxic materials are easy to clean and don’t accumulate odor.
  • Comes in various sized; compatible with different pans.
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer.


What is a Cat Litter Box and Why do you Need It?

A litter box is a must-have for any feline owner, except for, maybe, those who have cats leading a totally outdoor life. If your kitty lives together with you in the house or in the apartment, it needs its own bathroom like any other family member. Moreover, owners of some other pets – small dogs, rabbits, etc. can also opt for a small litter box intended for cats. Basically, any cat or dog litter box is a pan or a tray that is usually filled with litter that absorbs fluids, forming clumps. The clumps are then thrown away, and the tray is refilled with clean litter. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of litter boxes constructions. This is crucial to choose the right construction to keep your cat happy and your home clean.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Litter Box

  1. The type of construction: open or closed. A litter box cover adds privacy and prevents spraying and litter scatter. However, some cats are afraid of enclosed boxes or simply don’t like them. On the other hand, open-top models are cheaper and easier to scoop and wash. Covered models, in turn, look more aesthetic and are considered to be dog proof litter box models, as dogs can’t get into the narrow cat’s entry.
  2. The type of entry: top or front. When it comes to choosing the best litter box with a cover, it’s important to decide where the entry must be: on the top or the front. Top-entry models look unusual, but they are more practical, as you don’t have to leave extra space in front of the box, and less litter remains on the kitty’s paws.
  3. Size matters. Normally, a kitten litter box should not be large. It also should not be a high sided litter box, as it will be difficult for a small kitty to get into it. But it makes sense to buy a larger model when the kitten grows up. When the box is too narrow and small, a pet feels uncomfortable in it.
  4. Type of cleaning: manual scooping, self-cleaning, or auto-flushing. Cleaning the cat’s toilet with a scoop is the cheapest and the most conventional method, but not the most convenient and pleasant one. If you can’t bear the look and smell of the used litter, or just don’t want to touch it in any way, try one of the self-cleaning options. There are several types of automatic devices: choose between a rolling sifting litter box, an auto-raking box, and an auto-flushing system, resembling a usual water closet cabin.
  5. Design. Thanks to the wide diversity of litter boxes on sale, one can choose the model that fits best into the particular room. For example, a corner litter box is a good option for smaller rooms, and those seeking for aesthetically pleasing solutions can try a hidden cat or dog litter box that imitates furniture.

How to Litter Box Train a Kitten

Usually, it makes no problem to litter train a cat or a small kitten. All felines have an inborn instinct to bury their feces. So, your task is not to litter train a kitty (as it already knows how to use it), but to show it that a litter pan is a right place for relieving. To make the process of training fast and effective, you need to do three basic things:

  • Choose the best litter box that will meet the pet’s needs.
  • Choose the right type of litter.
  • Choose the right place for the toilet.

The preferences of cats can vary, but there are some general recommendations that can be applied to most situations.

  • A large litter box is better than the small one.
  • Special litter for kittens makes litter training easier.
  • The best place for a cat’s toilet is a safe quiet place.
  • An enclosed construction often seems safer to kittens.

Don’t forget to clean the pan regularly. Cats are picky and finicky about cleanliness. If a kitten doesn’t like the odor or the pan seem dirty to him, chances are he will ignore it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cat litter box?
Cats don’t care about design, so it’s for you to decide whether to buy a rectangular, square, or round pan, a blue or a white one. But it must be convenient for a kitty to get in and out of it. For an adult cat, choose a box with high walls, as it prevents spraying and messing up. Low-walled designs are recommended for kittens and senior cats that can experience difficulties with jumping and climbing. For the maximum protection from mess and odor, opt for enclosed models.
How to choose a dog proof litter box?
If you have a curious pup who believes that the best dog litter box is the one belonging to your cat, you need a dog proof solution. For example, it makes sense to buy an enclosed box with a top entry. Usually, these top entries are too narrow and inconvenient for dogs (even small breeds), while being comfortable enough for kitties.
How to choose the best place for a kitty litter box?
Some cats don’t care about the location of their toilet, while others are very picky about it. Ideally, the place for a litter tray must be quiet and low-lit. You may find such a corner in the laundry or living-room – it doesn’t matter. But this must be the place where the cat feels comfortable, especially, if you use a pan with open construction.
How many litter pans do I need for several cats?
The more cats you have, the more litter trays you need. Ideally, every kitty should have its own pan. Even if you have a large multi-cat option, two cats can’t use it simultaneously. Specialists recommend using the number of litter boxes equal to the number of cats.
A cat ignores its litter pan – why?
You’ve bought the best litter box for cats, but your kitty doesn’t use it? The reasons can be different, for example, health problems. But if your cat is healthy, the most probable causes are the following:
  • it doesn’t like a litter pan;
  • it doesn’t like litter;
  • it doesn’t like the location;
  • the litter tray is not clean enough.
No matter whether you have a sifting litter box, a fully automatic option, or a usual cheap pan, it should be large enough, clean, filled with the right litter, and properly placed.


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